Enough with the skelaxin

Okay, I’ve been on the muscle relaxants for three days now and I really, really don’t like them. Enough of this. I’m going to stick with the anti-inflammatory meds and start physical therapy. But I can’t take this zombie-like state of being anymore. It’s just not any fun.

I tried finishing some double-stitching on the Puknitter hat yesterday while I was sitting drooling in front of the TV, and it just got more and more horribly mangled as I went. I can’t do anything when I’m on this junk.

So, enough.

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  1. Nicole Says:

    I feel your pain! I take a muscle relaxer 4 times a day for a physical disability called cerebral palsy. If you take them for long enough, the drowsiness does go away. When I first started them, I would fall asleep in my knitting daily! Hang in there.

  2. Lilith Says:

    I know it’s more serious than this, but I boiled it down to: “I hate this medication. It interferes with my knitting.” 😉

    I hear ya… some antidepressants I was on a few years ago gave me such violent tremors that I couldn’t do anything with my hands. When something that’s supposed to stop a problem only causes more, it’s time to find other solutions. Good luck with PT.

  3. Manny Says:

    I’m on Skelaxin for really bad chronic neck pain. What it does is it inhibits (blocks) most Central Nervous System impulses. So it blocks the feeling of pain to your brain. Along with the pain, it also blocks the good. It will cause you to become unemotional.

    I was on Flexeril before this. I changed from Flexeril because i was no longer feeling any of the benefits from it. I was becoming too tolerant.

    You might want to try Flexeril as an alternative. It’s milder than Skelaxin, and works in a different way to help with pain.

    I hope things work out.