I can’t think of a title

I went out after work and did a short ride in 100°+ heat. It turned out to be almost half as I had intended, but that was okay – I sweat enough for twice the length. I have got to start doing this more often – I felt great afterwards.

As I was telling someone earlier in the day, I have always wanted to get this bumper sticker (despite the fact I’m an atheist*):


Take it how you will. I just figure, if we are covered in sweat glands, they must be there for a purpose, right?

*My sister tells me that technically I’m a Deist. Works for me.

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  1. Suzy Says:

    Ok, I do believe that our sweat glands are all over our bodies for a reason: automatic cooling system, however, I don’t think S/He intended for us to overexert ourselves in 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, especially when one lives in SA, TX and the heat index is possibly (what?) 110? You know I love you, David, but….ARE YOU CRAZY? :)I think you need a sticker on your (dare I say–cute?! 😉 ) backside that says something to the effect: Crazy Biker Ahead: Proceed with Caution!