Facilitating network communication

In today’s computing environments, there is more and more demand for networked services. Microsoft’s .NET initiative was all about creating a system for programming networked applications.

But there is still a dearth of accepted standards, and there’s a lot of friction between systems on the Internet trying to pass data back and forth. A programmer may need to use one interface to publish data to their web log, another to get information from Amazon.com’s database, and still another one to get data from Google.

If only there were a way to smooth the traffic of data between all these disparate sites.

That’s why here at Sweater Project Labs, we are working on an industrial strength version of the recently published Common Request Interchange Semantic Control Ontology, which allows the developer to wrestle with data from dozens of different sources and meld it together, smooth as butter.

When you need to reduce friction between your interfaces, reach for CRISCO.

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  1. spoonix Says:

    Can’t I just spend $10,000 on Biztalk to do that, though?