Insomnia, you suck

Well, it’s crawling towards 2:00 am and I feel no closer to sleep than I did when I first got in bed two hours ago. I really hate this. I would very much like to get a good night’s sleep and get to work early tomorrow, but that’s looking less likely with each passing minute.


Rather than lie in bed and stare at the blackness of my room, I decided to get up and wind some of the balls of Marina that are going to find their destiny in the Fenna shawl. Fun yarn, but it’s a minor pain to wind. It’s got a very loopy texture which tends to grip itself pretty well, which makes for quick tangles.

And now I’m going to read up on a project that I’m supposed to be working on outside of work. Might as well make hay while the sun shines.

Except that I write software, not make hay, and the sun’s not up. Same diff.

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