Oh, look! Garage Band!

Heh. I started playing with Garage Band over the weekend and after work Monday. I got on this because of a) my current attempt to record the new Harry Potter book as I read it out loud, and b) because Jane wants to get into podcasting.

Garage Band comes with all new Macs, and it makes it very easy to record the spoken word – but that’s not what it excels at. It’s designed to let you produce your own music.

This is hardly representative of what it can really do, I’m sure, but in about half an hour last night I put this, um, thing together: Fire it up. (Copyleft 2005, W. David W. Roth. All rights reversed.)

I didn’t record anything to put that together. I just used the loops (sound clips) that came with Garage Band and some that are available for download from the Apple website.

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  1. Suzy Says:

    Hey, this can help with your new two month goal! You know music is good for the soul. Now you have yet another creative outlet for your inner artist. It is also believed that music helps one with melancholy. See the Old Testament where David played for King Saul and various medieval (and later) references. Besides music is just downright fun! :)