Of Fiber and Flying Fur

I should point out, first off, that the squirrel made it.

I went to Kerrville this weekend to just kind of hang out and get a few small things done. I took my laptop from work and the sleeve from the Café Bastille sweater. Between the two of them, I figured, I had plenty to keep me busy for hours.

When I got up to the river, Dan was down at the dam with the three dogs – Jasmine, William, and Sadie. Sadie is the late addition to the family who is still and outside dog and who occasionally gets jumped on by one or the other of the other dogs. She’s a remarkably fast dog of uncertain heritage. But as we discovered on Saturday, she’s got a little hunting dog in her.

Most hunting dogs have the ability to carry prey in their mouths very gently so as not to damage it. When Sadie came up from the river carring this squirrel in her mouth, I assumed that something else had killed it and she’d just happened to run across it.

sadie and squirrel.jpg

But then she walked to the middle of the driveway and dropped her find. And the find promptly jumped up and lit for the woods. Sadie proceeded to pounce it again and return it to the middle of the driveway.

She did this a couple of times, and then William (a dog so foul tempered I call him Slobodan Milosopup) decided he wanted in on the squirrel haul, and the proceeded to have a tug-of-war with a poor critter who was doing its level best to pretend that it was dead and not very tasty.

The tug-of-war turned into an all-ought dominance fight and I had to pull Sadie off William. The squirrel took advantage of the melee to climb up a tree and place a call to its therapist.

After the dogs were all put away, Dan headed to town and I pulled out the sweater and cranked about twenty rows while watching Elizabeth. I think I’m regaining my knitting mojo. More reports as events warrant.

No Responses to “Of Fiber and Flying Fur”

  1. mom Says:

    So that’s what died under the hot tub!

  2. john Says:

    Thanks for the bday wishes, and rock that knitting mojo out!!!!!

    A squirrel therapist? Now THERE’S a market.

  3. pippy Says:

    Omg, that poor little guy! If you look closely you can see his tiny terrified little squirrely eyeballs sticking out of his little head! Glad the little dude got away intact. Tell William to behave himself!