Sew little time

I went by the Yarn Barn for the first time in ages on Saturday and cranked away on the final sleeve of the Café Bastille Cables until it was finally done. I had a funny sense of finality as I bound off the last stitch. It’s been a while since I was at the end of a big project. Each time I do that, I have this moment of reflection where I wonder about what’s going to happen to the piece. Is it going to stay around for years and years? I hope so. I like to think that I’ve made something that will endure.

But I’m not quite done with this sweater. I need to pick up the neck (which may mean finding a shorter number eleven needle) and sew everything together. I’m going to try and have it ready for Thomas the Triathlete by Thursday morning, because he’s taking a trip this weekend to D.C., and it looks like it’s been a little chilly there in the evenings.

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