Look out, it’s armed!

Here they are, resplendent in their Autumnal greyness, the body and sleeves of the Café Bastille Cables, worked up in Rowan Magpie.

cafe bastille cables - body and sleeves.jpg

Note that there are still live stitches all around the neck hole. I need to pick those up after sewing everything together and work an inch or two to create a collar. I’ve still got a ton of this yarn left over, so I’m wondering if I should make it a turtleneck. I could also probably do a matching hat and gloves, come to think of it.

And this is the result of two hours of weaving in ends and sewing:

cafe bastille cables - first sleeve attached.jpg

Every time I get to this point in a project I remember why a few of the ladies at the Yarn Barn do a brisk business during the holiday season doing nothing but finishing. If lasagne stitch really does it for you, then you can probably find plenty of work as people start finishing (as in, stop knitting) their holiday projects.

Last night, before I started working on this sweater again, I printed out several pages of documentation on the Ruby on Rails framework for creating web-based applications and read them over dinner. Tonight I’m going to get together with some of the geeks from work and we’re going to try to mock up a website using that technology. It’s a very interesting set of tools and it looks like it will make it about ten times faster to build certain types of apps. I can’t wait to get deeper into it.

No Responses to “Look out, it’s armed!”

  1. Emma Says:

    It really is looking good. Your tenacity impresses me ! I rarely get to this stage before I get sidetracked.
    I,too,vote no turtle !

  2. Amanda Says:

    I’m voting for a turtle neck, just be sure it’s roomy. Of course I live where it can get cold.

  3. pippy Says:

    Ooh, very nice!
    I have to say I am also against the turtleneck. But that’s just me. Too hot, too strangulating. If that’s a word. I don’t like em.

  4. Cari Says:

    Looks good! I’m officially submitting my vote AGAINST a turtleneck.