Finished Café Bastille Cables

And voilá – one sweater, hot off the needles!

Well, not hot. It had all night to cool off. Now it’s ready to provide toasty comfort to its new owner throughout the bone-chilling six minutes of Texas Winter.

Now I’m all geared up for my Autumn knitting. Next project!

finished cafe bastille cables.jpg

No Responses to “Finished Café Bastille Cables”

  1. michelle Says:

    Mighty fine!

  2. Suzy Says:

    So….when is Kid ‘n’ Ewe and the opportunity to buy /see/feel/drool/etc. wool? :)

  3. pippypippy Says:

    Oooh, its beautiful!!!
    Thomas the Tank Engine is very lucky to have a nice knitting friend!
    The color is very nice too!

  4. Chaeriste Says:

    This is so nice! I just wandered over here from Dogs Steal Yarn (I think) and I’m jealous! All I’ve done so far is scarves, and I’m just perfecting my knit/purl. Hmph. Keep on! Chae