Let’s all bow our heads and pretend to be serious for a moment

I had expected my first thought upon waking up this morning to be “Where am I?” I am one of those people who doesn’t usually adjust all that well to travelling. I wake up in a hotel and for a split second wonder if something has gone terribly wrong. Then the recognition that I am in a hotel room rather than prison or a space station hits me and I try to find the little one-cup coffee maker that’s usually provided in such establishments.

This morning however, the first thought I had upon opening my eyes to the thin blue light seeping in under the curtained window was “Sushi. Why did it have to be sushi?”

You see, I’m staying in one of those motels in the $50-$60/night price range. The kind where you expect there to be a Denny’s, Jim’s, Waffle House, or (shudder) Cracker Barrel in the adjacent parking lot. But the Days Inn from which I am writing right now shares its parking lot with Samurai Sushi or some craziness. I’m in Rancho Cordova at the edge of Sacramento. Fucking crazy Californians. You expect me to have a strong black coffee and maguro with wasabi for breakfast? Um, thanks, but no. Gimme runny eggs, chewy toast and overcooked grits when I’m on the road and I’ll be just fine. But I draw the line at raw fish.

I am in Sacramento today to celebrate the joyous union of my dear friend Kaetchen and her boy. Vows will be exchanged, couples will dance, gifts will be given and guests will be drunk. Traditional prayers will be muttered (Lord, help us this day to keep our shit together just a little while longer . . . ) And if I can sneak my camera past Kaetchen in my capacious kilt, there will be some photo evidence of the whole thing.

Mazel tov, K. I can honestly say I know no one more deserving of happiness.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    personally i seek out sushi places when i travel, but then it’s the only food i can garantee my two year old will eat (tamago being his fave. and congrats to kaetchen, may you have many happy years together (whoever you may be)

  2. pippy Says:

    Yeah, we want photos!!
    And everyone wants to know whatcha got on under your kilt anyway. When you whip out the camera, then they will know for sure!
    Hope you are having fun!
    Best wishes to the happy couple!