Time to move on

I believe it is time for me to move on. And by move on, I mean to stop using Movable Type and start using WordPress.

I started using MT in January of 2003 and I was very happy with it. It was kind of difficult to install but it was easy to use and provided a lot of features that I really liked. But it’s also got a lot of features that I really don’t care about, like trackbacks and pings. And it is like flypaper for comment spam.

So this weekend, I’m migrating everything to WordPress. WordPress is a more modern system that seems a little more natural to me (if blogging can by any stretch of the imagination be called a natural activity). It appears to take care of most of the issues I’ve got with MT. And it’s written in PHP, which is a language I’m familiar with, as opposed to MT’s Perl.

Speaking of language familiarity, we had a geek moment at the office earlier this week that is growing into something that might be fun. One of my coworkers, Bryan, was trying to update his text editor to recognize the different file types in our software based on their extensions. A lot of code editors support features like syntax highlighting based on the file type, which you can usually tell by the extension. But we use some non-standard names in our code. So, the problem was: how to compile a complete list of all the extensions we use?

Bryan wrote a script in Python that was about 20 lines which did the job. He made an offhand comment, something like “I’m sure this could have been done with a one-line shell script” and the gauntlet was thrown. I managed to put together a single line of commands that did the job. (Neither of our scripts were 100% accurate, but they were close enough for our purposes.)

This got me to thinking about comparative programming languages and how much you can learn from looking at the same concept implemented in two or more different ways. My solution had the advantage of being very quick to implement, being very concise and running very quickly. Bryan’s had the advantage of being legible, and hence usable by other people.

So I’m trying to get a small group together to do a one- or two-hour code challenge, where we agree upon a small problem and each try to implement a solution in a different programming language. Should be fun if we can come up with something that simple enough to be done in a couple of hours, but complex enough to be interesting.

No Responses to “Time to move on”

  1. pippy Says:

    You geek. :)

  2. David Says:

    Oh, that is COOL.

  3. DocWhat Says:

    How’s this for a challenge?


  4. Cory Wright Says:

    I’d be interested in a coding challenge. Something quick and simple, maybe, “you’ve got 5 minutes to generate a csv file from this postgres table. go!”

    Come up with about 10 of those and get people from various languages to participate. I’d be in for Ruby…

  5. stacey Budge Says:

    I am using wordpress right now. I switched servers and downloaded the new MT and was instantly confused. I do like WP but I miss some of the MT features. I do not however miss the spam!!!