Kid ‘n Ewe 2005

Hey, you looking for Kid ‘n Ewe?
Alpaca 1

Psst. C’mere.
Alpaca 2

whisper whisper whisper
Alpaca 3

What did the alpaca tell me, you ask?
I have no idea. I don’t speak Peruvian.

Kid ‘n Ewe was much smaller this year. There were maybe a third as many vendors as last year, but thankfully, one of them was Brooks Farm. Brooks Farm used to only sell their yarn at local festivals like Kid ‘n Ewe, but now they’ve got a website where you can order it. Do yourself a favor – get a skein. It’s wonderful stuff. I got four skeins of various colors for projects and gifts. I got two skeins of Primero, which is 100% kid mohair, and two skeins of a mohair/wool blend called Duet. They’ve also got some silk blends.

A shot of one of their display racks:
Brooks Farms Skeins

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  1. Lilith Says:

    What a cute cria!

    I have a bunch of llama and alpaca wool that I spun years ago, but my spinning was so bad then that the yarn isn’t strong enough to be knit with. I’m tempted to pull it apart, re-card it, and spin it again. Except I sold my cards earlier this year and Mom has my wheel hidden somewhere in her workshop.


  2. pippy Says:

    Oooh look at the cutie!!! I want one!!! And that yarn too, all of it!
    I jell-o.