Steppin’ Out Tonight

Tonight I’m going up to Austin to see Bowfire. It’s my birthday treat from Kelly.

In late January or early February, 1970, my parents were hiking on Mt. Fuji in Japan. They stopped in a rest hut, evidently feeling frisky, and nine months later and about 5,700 miles away, I was born. I was delivered in Phoenix by the same doctor who delivered my brother. At the time, there were very few doctors willing to let the father into the delivery room. One doctor even described the idea as “indecent”. My folks were very progressive for their time.

No Responses to “Steppin’ Out Tonight”

  1. Cari Says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. pippy Says:

    Dewd! I didn’t know it was your birfday!!
    I kees you and give you many birfday spanks, believe it!!