Everything old is still old again

So I picked up the Fenna shawl again this morning for some lunchtime knitting. Sweet creeping zombie Jesus, this thing is interminable. I thought when I’d put it down that I was something like halfway done, but looking at it just now it seems like it’s closer to 1/3 done. I’m going to be knitting this thing well into next year, I’m afraid.

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  1. Kelty Bronwen Spencer Says:

    I hate when that happens. I’m just finishing “the blanket that would never end”. Hopefully it’s worth it in the end. : )

  2. pippy Says:

    Oh gosh, and I was just thinking I want to make one. A pink one, with a decorative “P” on the back, like a super-hero cape.

  3. marnie Says:

    Pippy, I think you *need* that. Go for it.

    And Bro – hope you finished the Shawl from Hell yesterday. I finished my UFO that would not die on Saturday night and am mailing it to St. Thomas today. Courage, Dave! And call Mom when you get a chance…