Is it Shorbat El-Addas yet?

Several weeks back I put up a big batch of beef broth in preparation for the upcoming flu/cold season. I always forget to make get-healthy-quick soup until I actually come down with something, but not this year! It’s ready to go and chilling in my freezer.

Unfortunately, this year the first one of my friends to get sick has the temerity to be a vegetarian. Great. So instead of thawing out some of the broth, I brewed up a batch of lentil curry soup, a.k.a. shorbat el-addas. It consists of lentils, onion, garlic, tomatoes, curry powder, turmeric, cumin and loomi, which are dried black lemons. It’s very hard to find loomi in San Antonio, I can tell you.

In addition to the normal ingredients, I threw in about twelve tablespoons of cayenne. I think a little spice is good to clear out a cold, don’t you?

And since I haven’t put anything overtly political down in a while, I thought I’d provide a link to a news story that doesn’t seem to be getting much play on this side of the Atlantic: apparently, Tony Blair had to talk President Bush out of bombing Al-Jazeera’s headquarters in Qatar. Yee-haw.

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  1. pippy Says:

    You did not put in twelve tablespoons of cayenne..!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hell yes!
    The pain will eventually pass and leave you stronger.