It’s all over but the blocking

I present the completed shawl!

Completed Shawl

I’m not going to bother blocking it because it’s 84/16 cotton/polyamide. I don’t think the blocking would really take. It’s not uber-warm, but that’s good because the recipient lives in Houston.

I’ll get a flat picture of it later today. Right now I’ve got to get on with my Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, things for which I am thankful:

  • Good friends
  • Opposable thumbs
  • The ability to read
  • The opportunity to help
  • Bailey and Morgan

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  1. Suzy Says:

    Yeah! Now you can move on to something you have been wanting to make in a long time! What might that be? Your list of things for which you are thankful was wonderful. I would have to amend the last one to : Aimee and Nicole (my terrific daughters!)

  2. Emma Says:

    Great shaw !
    Good list. Hope you ate well in great company.

    What happened to you Bloglines feed thingy ? I thought you’d been quiet. :0)

  3. Lilith Says:

    Every time my sweetie’s dog pesters me while I’m knitting, I tell him I’ll teach him how to knit when he grows opposable thumbs. He gives me a sad look and drops a drool-covered tennis ball in my lap.

    Hooray for finally getting the shawl done!

  4. Joel Says:

    Who’s the model? = )

  5. Administrator Says:


    That would be telling.