Um . . . Excuse me?

So while I was waiting for my bowl of noodles and veggies for lunch, I grabbed a copy of the San Antonio Current to keep myself occupied. As I was flipping through, I saw a picture of my beloved Bobbi Ravicz at the top of an article.

I figured she was in there because of the ongoing Yarn Barn hat project, which to date has probably contributed about 1,000,000 hats to a local shelter. And it has grown to include scarves, blankets and mittens. And indeed, the article did mention the project.

But what caught my eye was the lead paragraph of the story:

If you follow social trends, you know knitting is sexy. Sparkly, feathery scarves, knitted cozies for your iPod and Palm Pilot, and funky skull-motif wristbands are showing up on the streets and the runways, made by everyone from snowboarding high-school guys to stay-at-home moms. The trend started as an activist project by Debbie Stoller, editor of stereotype-defying feminist publication BUST, who decided to reclaim traditional women’s handwork [sic], namely knitting, for her own postmodern feminist generation.

Yes, apparently this whole knitting things started with the publication of Stitch ‘n Bitch! Who knew?

Look, it’s a fun book and an okay introduction to knitting, but it cashed in on the rise in knitting’s popularity. It didn’t cause it.

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