Evolution of a Hat Pattern

I present the evolution of a hat design.

It started with the funky Seuss hat for Kelly.

Seuss Hat

Y’all remember the Seuss hat. It was the first prototype for the Funky Gnome hat. I think this hat has considerable potential.

My first attempt at a general production pattern for this hat was the Mark II:
Funky Gnome Mk II
Mk II Side
Mk II Model

The Mark II is a decent hat, warm and fashionable, but it’s not what I was really going for. I cast on too many stitches to start with, and I ran out of yarn before the skein was through. I wanted a pattern that would let me do at least one hat per skein. Enter the Mark III.

For the Mark III, I cast on 61 stitches in Lamb’s Pride Bulky on a #11 needle. After about 4″, I started decreasing on each edge and in the middle. This one worked out pretty well, IMHO.
Mk III Flat
Mk III Folded
Mk III Model

I think the pattern might need a little more refinement, but I also think that I’ve found the basic pattern that I was looking for.

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  1. andrea kanten Says:

    I think I prefer the Mark I. Might just be the pretty purple color, but the pointy cone head and the tassle are mightly appealing.

  2. pippy Says:

    The red one is nice. It cries out for a pom-pom!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    They’re wonderful! Love seeing the evolution of a pattern…