A Cup of Tea

Yesterday morning was a bit chilly here in S.A., and I felt like getting a cup of tea. Since I’ve been sitting around the apartment getting fat for, oh, the last five months, I got on my bike and rode down to Mad Hatter’s for a cup of spiced black tea. I took it *very* slow and took a fairly indirect route to get there.

It was kind of an Autumn coldness, with a soft grey sky and a light wind. I trundled down from the suburbs where I live, through the fashionable Quarry Market and Alamo Heights, and then into the semi-seedy quasi-industrial parts of downtown, finally arriving in the stately/funky neighborhood of King William. Got tea. Chatted with my sister on the phone. Contemplated life. Rode back home.

On the way I stopped by The POWER Room and talked to Kate for a while. The place is looking good – if you’re a woman in San Antonio looking for a friendly workout environment, I highly recommend it.

Came home and resumed re-loading development software on my iMac. I’m using Darwin Ports, which provides most of the UNIX-style utilities that I need, but which compiles everything from source. It takes a pretty long time to get all the stuff I need installed, so when it was done I copied the entire /opt/local directory (which is where Darwin Ports installs software by default) onto a spare USB drive. Tonight I’ll burn it to CD too, so that if I have any more unexpected explosions at home, restoring my development environment will be a snap.

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  1. Kate Says:

    Hey David! Thanks for the kind words and help with the website! And for letting me see you in that cycle outfit…whew!