Does Hollywood *Want* To Die?

I wrote about the whole Sony DRM a little while ago, and I just ran across another great story on Boing-Boing. Apparently, Steven Spielberg’s movie Munich is probably going to miss out on the British Film Academy awards this year because the BAFTA reviewers weren’t able to watch the DVDs that they were sent.

Hollywood is convinced that they’re losing a gajillion dollars every year because of piracy. The fact that they make crappy films can’t possibly cause a decline in profits. Nor can the fact that an increasing number of people around the world can have a better experience watching movies at home than they can in theatres now. No, if box office receipts decline, it’s because of piracy. So the studios have become increasingly draconian in the way they treat their customers, including reviewers. When reviewers are sent a copy of a movie to review these days, they get it as a DVD that can only be played on certain licensed players (which are also provided by the studios). But when Munich was sent to the BAFTA members, it was encoded as a Region 1 disk, which means you can only watch it on a player that thinks it’s in the United States.

British film reviewers tend to live on a group of islands off the coast of Europe which are, in fact, not part of the United States. Since the reviewers aren’t able to watch the movie because of the restrictions that the studios have insisted on, Munich’s probably going to tank at the awards show.


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  1. Anton Says:

    In msot cases I’d rather watch a movie at home on my smallish 19″ TV. By the time I pay for a sitter, trek out to the theater and fork over high prices for a seat, coke, and popcorn we’ve blown $40 for 90 minutes of entertainment and a snack.

    My $11 netflix account lets me watch 3-4 movies a month in the comfort of my own recliner drinking a beverage and popcorn that cost less than a buck each. As a bonus I can pause it if I drink too much of that beverage and rewind if I miss something.

  2. Lilith Says:

    It’s a pity about Munich… I enjoyed it. The only reason I’ve been going to the movies so often lately (once a week as opposed to once every other month or so) is because my man works for a theater, so we get in free. When I buy DVDs, they’re almost always on sale, because I hate paying more than $10 for something that, even after you factor in salaries and production costs and everything, only cost two or three bucks to make. These groups need to get their heads out of their collective arse and realize that people pirate movies and music and stop going to theaters because it’s too bloody expensive. There are hundreds of ways to make movies for less money and still maintain profit margins, but Hollywood is too infatuated with itself to get the point.

    Soapbox? What soapbox? 😉

    Um, yeah. Liked Munich. Liked that I saw it for free. Hated Bloodrayne, though. The screenwriter needs to stop playing video games and come into the real world for a while.

  3. Matt Says:

    If you like Munich, read Striking Back by Aarkon Klein – a much better telling of the story – none of the BS hollywood puts in like the Casarea guys doubting their mission…