SanDisk is a dishonest company

Back in October I bought four SanDisk usb drives as prizes for a Halloween party. The drives had a rebate, which is why I chose those particular ones. I bought the four drives, got the rebate papework at the check-out counter, and mailed them in. A few weeks later, I got a notice from SanDisk which said:

We appreciate your purchase, but your submission for the SanDisk rebate offer was declined for the following reasons(s):

  • Limit one rebate per product per person

While I was cleaning up one of my piles of mail this morning, I ran across the notice and remembered that I had been meaning to call them about it. I called the number on the card and gave the woman who answered my address information. When I told her that I had received a notice saying that I wouldn’t get any rebate, she said that her computer showed her that my noticed had been mailed out by mistake and that a check had already been sent to correct the mistake. I should receive the check in about seven business days.

Maybe I’m just overly critical, but it strikes me as a remarkable coincidence that they discovered their “mistake” and mailed out a check just before I found the notice and called them about it. I received the notice in mid-November. It’s now the second week of January.

I suspect that what really happened is they buried a bunch of technical disclaimers in the fine print of their rebate offers which would give them an excuse to not honor rebates, and then only honor the rebates when someone calls in to complain about it.

Bad SanDisk. Someone needs to hit you on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

In unrelated knitting news, I left my sock project at my mom’s place this weekend, so I think I’m going to start on the Seamus Aran. Instead of doing it in orange, I’m working it Charcoal Heather and Onyx.

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