Automated Lego Knitter

My pal Anton just clued me in to the Technix knitter.

I wish the resolution on the movie was a little clearer, but it’s damn cool.

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  1. janna (also from San Antonio) Says:

    And it’s obviously not a snob – it’s knitting with Red Heart! 😉

  2. Andrea Says:

    wouldn’t it take away from the fun of knitting? Or make you feel like Edward Scissorshands?

  3. Cynthia Says:

    it is cool to watch. I’d love to have the orrery, too!

  4. Pippy Says:

    Omg, did you look at the pictures of the Family Bike? The faces of the kids are soo funny! I couldn’t watch the knitting machine as I don’t have the right plug-in, since I am lame. :(

  5. Cynthia Says:

    how’s the sock coming? looked like a good start…….

  6. Anton Says:

    The Family Bike is pretty cool. When I lived in Michigan there was a family we’d see on the bike trail frequently that had a tandem mountain bike for Dad and Mom, a Trail-a-bike for the older kid, and a trailer for the two youngest. It was quite the site to behold.