No news is no news

Nothing to report on the socks. It’s not that I’ve been ignoring my knitting, it’s that I don’t have the socks to work on them.

See, I left them at my mom’s two weeks ago. She very kindly mailed them to me so that I could resume work without having to drive 200 miles in the middle of the week to get them. Unfortunately, some idjit popped the lock on my apartment’s mailbox center, so the post office has been holding the mail for everyone in my building at the nearest post office. I found out about this yesterday. Today’s MLK day (and besides that, I’m heavily medicated because of allergies) so I’m not going to see my stuff until tomorrow at the soonest.

After that, sock knitting will re-commence. In earnest.

No Responses to “No news is no news”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    what bad luck! I’d’ve been forced to start another project if I had to wait that long…. 😉 (golly, an excuse to start yet another project!)
    Hope you start feeling better soon…

  2. Suzy Says:

    I may get my pair finished before you then! I just picked up the stitches to start the gusset for my second sock! I have been destressing from possibly one of the worst days as a teacher (last Friday) in my 10 years of teaching thus far. It was, of course, dealing with parents: the teacher’s nightmare. So I have been channeling my energies into working on the colorful, happy and soothing socks for me! Do not know just what I will wear them with, but they make me happy! I really don’t ask for much, really I don’t!
    Hope you are better now, not “soon” but now! :)

  3. john Says:

    Hope your allergies are better soon!