Oh please.


So-called “intellectual property” is so far beyond the realm of sanity now, it’s ridiculous. I would laugh if it weren’t such an affront to common sense.

Why doth I protest so much? I just read on the ever-glamorous Stacey’s blog that some fucktards doing business under the name Sew Fast Sew Easy are trying to claim the phrase “Stitch ‘n Bitch” as their very own. Yeah, that’s right. Those words are theirs. You can’t use them unless you get their permission first.

Just like Donald Trump trying to trademark “You’re Fired”, these people are trying to get legally-enforced recognition for something they’ve done. The only problem is that a few hundred thousand other people were doing it already.

If an idea or a process or a tradition is already out there in circulation, you shouldn’t be able to claim it for your own. You want genuine recognition for being innovative? Cure fucking cancer.

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  1. Jane Says:

    When I was resaearching copyrights a few years back, the Library of Congress copyright office website said you couldn’t copyright one liners. I wonder if the law has been changed to protect big companies who want to steal mainstream ideas or what.