In training for the games

So I spent most of the weekend in training. It was time well spent – I think I’m going to have to change my strategy for doing the kilt hose a little bit.

My original plan was to make a cabled garter for the top of the sock that would be knit perpendicularly to the body. I’d make a circular top, graft it together, and then pick up stitches on one side of the cuff to create the body of the sock. I think that in theory this could work out quite well, but my first attempt was problematic enough that I think I’m going to try a more traditional approach.

Here’s the start of the project, done on the lovely Namaste needles that Kelly gave me for the holidays.

It doesn’t help that I picked up the provisional cast-on incorrectly. That created a few headaches when it came time to pull it out.
But you can see that the fabric picked up nicely from the cast-on.

I figured I’d make this test swatch into something handy – a tam, perhaps. So I made the band long enough to go around my head.

When I was ready to do the grafting, I started to replace the working needles with some bamboo dpns.

And this is where things went amiss. Like I said, I didn’t pick up the provisional cast-on correctly, so I had to snip all the stitches to pull it out. (The stitches in the purple yarn, not the white.) But once I had the live stitches free, I couldn’t quite figure out how they matched up to the live stitches at the other end of the strip. The yarn was all wonky and weird. After a couple of attempts at getting a needle into those loops, it just kind of disintegraed.

I can salvage this, but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to graft the ends together to produce a seamless cable, which was my original goal. I’ve got time to give it another shot before the games begin, so I may still try this technique. But I’m planning on trying others as well.

No Responses to “In training for the games”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    I found that a deep breath, some chocolate, and a calming mantra help when trying to salvage things that go oops! Good luck……

  2. sje Says:

    BTW, Back of the sock, upper ankle? Seam it, life’s pretty short, babe.

  3. janna Says:

    Don’t worry, it’s just training. Did you do the crochet chain thing for the provisional cast on? I have issues with undoing that one, so now I use the provisional cast on where you basically crochet around a knitting needle.

    P.S. I’ve put your blog in the San Antonio Knit Bloggers list in my sidebar (okay, there’s just two of you there), so it’s possible your’re getting extra hits from the 5 people who read my blog!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Well, the cable pattern still looks lovely! Good luck in the upcoming Olympics.

  5. Diana Says:

    Perhaps a Latvian type braid-y idea instead? It looks like it’s knit perpendicularly, but isn’t. No stitches to pick up.

  6. Aarlene Says:

    I’ve done this twice for a hat and a little sweater. Still haven’t done it as good as I would like. The last time I finished I was really proud how well the graft stitches blended in. Then I saw I had incorrectly crossed the first #@$%! crossing. ARG! I’ll keep practicing so I guess that’s the way to go.