I got smoochies!

Welcome, Cast On listeners and readers. Thank you so much Brenda for the shout out – I’m glad you like Visiknit so much!

(Oh yeah, just to be clear – SweaterProject is the site, Visiknit is the software. Got it? Good.)

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  1. Jay Says:

    I bow down to your supreme intellect… Visiknit is friggin’ amazing! I played around it with it and found it absolutely addictive… you are a true knit addict!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thanks, Jay. I’m glad you dig it. It’s really not that complicated – the whole program is 497 lines of code.

  3. Patty Says:

    I just found your site and the visiknit program by way of another pattern.
    I am just tackling cables and got the hairbrained idea to do a saxon braid scarf. The difference is, I want to do the saxon braid as a medallion at the ends of the scarf and cables of the strands connecting the two ends.
    Problem 1: The pattern I have for the braid is incorrect for true knotwork, your visiknit program showed me what stitch was incorrect and I am able to correct it now on the graph.

    Thanks for the program! You can say it’s simple, but for those of us that aren’t programmers..it’s like looking a programmer looking at a knitting chart the first time.

    Have bookmarked your site, and as soon as I have some spare money, I will come back and put some in your ‘tip jar’.