Final Crunch

Hoo-boy. I am running behind in the push to the finish line. My second ho is just at the calf right now. I haven’t even started decreasing. This is going to be tight.

Pictures later on if I can bear it. I think I’m going to be sleeping with my hands in a bucket of ice tonight. For about an hour, of course – mustn’t waste precious moments with such trivialities as sleep.

No Responses to “Final Crunch”

  1. Mary Says:

    I just cast off the front-back-front!!! Now I have to knit up sleeves, block the bitch and come up with something stunning for the collar. Pace yourself. It’s the last minute when all the skaters fall. Good Luck.

  2. janna Says:

    At least your socks are the same size…. well, I hope they are….