This Is What Hose Get

I’ve posted the frogging of the hose over at YouTube


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  1. stacey Says:


  2. Lilith Says:

    That poor, poor ho. :(

  3. KatherineOfItAll Says:

    Found your blog when googling “kilt hose”. You’re freaking me out about knitting some, but at least you’re entertaining at the same time. And yes, EVERYTHING is Cheney’s fault. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. If it’s not him, it’s Bush’s fault.

  4. docwhat Says:

    So, what did you have against it?

  5. Lilith Says:

    “So, what did you have against it?”

    If the ho doesn’t fit, you must frog it. And something about wookiees. *shrug* 😉

  6. Hilary Says:

    frogging a dead hose?

  7. docwhat Says:

    dogging a head fose?

  8. Suzy Says:

    You murdered two Hos! (Hoes? Hose?!) I was not screaming but empathizing with you. You are being challenged by the Sock Goddess, but you must be persistent and you will have a pair of socks. That or only wear one sock at a time! :)

  9. Aarlene Says:

    When I saw the video as the sock got shorter and shorter I kept hearing that scene from 2001. “Dave? …..daisy…d.a.i.s.y….da….. “

  10. Mary Says:

    The video would have set me back 5 years if I hadn’t worked in a LYS and frogged other people’s work for money. I’m finishing my first real sock (inspired by your Olympic efforts) and wonder if Sasquatch lives nearby. Don’t worry–I won’t blame YOU or anything!;)

  11. Cynthia Says:

    I was dying with laughter anyway, then read Aarlene’s comment….rolling on the floor now!

  12. heatherly Says:

    oh what a bummer! i am really bad about frogging. especially if it is ROWS back! so good job on doing it right!

  13. janna Says:

    I thought auto-frogging (that’s what I call it when you attach it to the ball winder) my too-small sock was really fun – kind of liberating. If I hadn’t had the ball winder, I probably wouldn’t have frogged it, so I wouldn’t have had enough yarn to make a pair, and my mom would still be without hand-knit socks.