Early morning ups and downs

Yesterday morning after doing the whole photo analysis thing, I went outside to head to work. I recently got the air compressor on my car replaced, which means for the first time in weeks I’ve got the car to use instead of my scooter. The scooter’s fun and all, but there are days when I would rather drive. So I’m heading out to the car and throw a glance over to the scooter – and see it lying on its side.

I don’t know if some idiot was just being malicioius or if someone was trying to steal it, but seeing it knocked over really pissed me off. I went over and righted it, then grabbed a bike cable lock out of my car’s trunk and locked it up to a handrail. I hadn’t been locking it because the apartments I live in are supposed to be access-controlled and most of the neighbors seemed well-behaved, but obviously I need to take some precautions.

So my mood turned sort of sour.

One the way out of the apartments, I stopped by the leasing office to pick up a package that I’d been left a notice for the day before. I ordered a handlebar bag for my bicycle a while ago and it had arrived. I went in and told the lady which apartment I was in, and much to my surprise, she produced not a box from REI, but a large padded mailing envelope. I blinked a couple of times and turned it over in my hands – it was my socks!

Yes, you remember, the socks that I left at my mom’s, which she mailed to me back in January?

Yeah. Those socks! They’re back! My spirits were lifted. AND I got my snazzy new handlebar bag, too.


No Responses to “Early morning ups and downs”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    yahoo! What a nice surprise to finally get those back! If you ask them nicely they may reveal that they’ve been on an around-the-world tour and just finally decided to come back home.

  2. Aarlene Says:

    Yeah, what Cynthia said. I was expecting you’d start recieving photos of the socks from all around the world, ala the gnome from ‘Amalie’.
    I started hearing about that fake photo on the news only after I read it here first.

  3. stacey Says:

    WOW! I can not believe they showed up. If only there was some kind of photo evidence to show the incredible journy they have been on. Glad you got them back.

  4. pippy Says:

    Glad you got your socks! Where oh where had they been??
    I want to get packages of shiny bike things in the mail !!! Lucky dawg.

  5. Mary Says:

    I now have 4 skeins Koigu and I just bought one of Lana Grossa colortweed. I blame YOU for my mid-life sock affair! Did the package have a “Where’s Waldo” sticker on it?

  6. heatherly Says:

    Hurray for socks!