Working in the Texas sun can get you kilt.

So there I was, getting read to place an order for another Utilikilt when I decided to hold off. I’m moving soon and I figured it would be better to place the order after I’m secure in my new residence rather than risk any (more) mail gremlins screwing with my packages. Then I got a call back from one of the event coordinators at Utilikilts. I’d called them last week to find out if they were going to be a the San Antonio Highland Games – turns out they weren’t.
But the fellow who called me mentioned that if I was interested, they were going to be at a couple of other events in my area. And if I was willing to, say, work the booth for a day or two, I would get compensated with a kilt.

I like this business model.

So if anyone’s going to be at Scarborough Faire the last weekend of this month, I’ll be the guy in the black kilt. At least one of them, anyway.

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  1. MMario Says:

    I wish I was going to be at Scarborough! Enjoy the faire!

  2. Cynthia Says:

    What a deal! I saw a guy in a Utilikilt yesterday. He looked cool and comfortable … I think it was in the 90’s in Dallas.

  3. Lilith Says:

    We need more pics of you kilted. 😉 Have fun at the faire!

  4. MMario Says:

    BTW – should you encounter the Royal Astronomer – Bid him Greetings from “Master Mario”

  5. KatherineOfItAll Says:

    The spouse has a black Utilie, and I’m always stealing it. I would work for one! You lucky kilt-wearer. Will you wear hose with it?

  6. Pippypippy Says:

    Hey, y’know I heard through the kilted dude grapevine (its a long story. Email for details and I’ll fill you in.) that Utilikilt is doing an event in Chicago, International Mr. Leather at the Hilton. You could get a kilt and maybe even more! The Midwest Bears are plentiful at that thing, too. :)