Knitting Crisis and Re-grouping

Notice that there’s been a dearth of knitting content here lately? Yeah, me too. Let’s see what we can do about that.

WIP list:

  • Rip the second kilt ho
  • Black and white sock
  • Glove repair

I guess “rip the second kilt ho” isn’t really a work in progress, but it’s a task that needs to be done. I’ve got half the yarn I used to make the hose re-skeined and stretched out. It is lonely for the other half. In the still dark hours of the night, I can hear it calling out for its still-knit partner.

And if that’s not enough to creep a knitter out, I don’t want to know what is. So, the ho gotta get ripped.

And speaking of ripping, I need to rip out the heel of the second sock and re-do it to match the first one. I JUST WANT ONE FUCKING PAIR OF COMPLETED SOCKS. Is that so much to ask? It is? Well screw that. I shall have my socks. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

Then there’s the pair of gloves that one of my friends at work has asked me to darn for her. (Is it considered darning if you’re replacing an unravelled tip rather than patching a hole?) That really shouldn’t take too long. It’s just going to be meticulous work getting the stitches transferred to itty-bitty needles.

So, that’s what’s in progress right now. Of those three, ripping the heel of the second sock is probably the lowest-hanging fruit. Maybe I’ll tackle that after I finish this post. (I just put the sock in the freezer to facilitate later ripping. I heard on Cast On that that might help when ripping fuzzy yarn.)

Then there are the projects that need to get started.

  • Baby blanket for my cousin Jeremiah’s baby boy
  • Cap for my friend Sean’s wife
  • Baby cap for my friend Zack’s baby girl
  • Baby cap for my friend Eric’s not-yet-born baby boy

These are things that I have promised to do or just feel that I need to do. I’m not even going to start the new, improved kilt hose until I’ve got these banged out.

Okay, this is the order we’re going to go in then:

  1. Black and white sock
  2. Glove repair
  3. Baby cap for my friend Zack’s baby girl
  4. Cap for my friend Sean’s wife
  5. Baby blanket for my cousin Jeremiah’s baby boy
  6. Rip the second kilt ho
  7. Baby cap for my friend Eric’s not-yet-born baby boy

Okay, it’s a plan. Everyone know what they’re working on?

David: um, yeah, I’m doing them all.

Great then.

No Responses to “Knitting Crisis and Re-grouping”

  1. janna Says:

    But it seems that ripping the kilt ho would be fast and satisfying, and it would stop that voice in your head (maybe)….

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Everyone is getting way too organized around here. I may be forced to make a list, too!

  3. Suzy Says:

    Doesn’t everyone make a list before beginning anything? Oh, I guess it’s just me! :) I agree with janna, rip the ho first. You need your sleep (so that you have your strength) for the other projects. Get cracking on those baby things, those critters grow faster than you might think. (Who needs gloves now, it’s supposed to be in the 90s this week. And are you really going to be wearing those wool socks now?) Carry on! :)

  4. David Says:

    Ripping the second kilt ho is going to be harder than the first. The first was knit from just two strands of yarn. The second one was knit from four, if memory serves, and it had a defect in the calf of a dropped stitch that I had to repair with an extra sewn-in bit of yarn. So it’s going to require a little more attention.

    Too bad you can’t just dissolve yarn in an acid solution and reconstitute it. Organic chemists have it so easy.