Traditional Wedding Attire

My friend Gina and me at Dawn’s wedding a couple weeks ago.

Gina and Me

Note the in-progress scarf – a gift for the bride that got bound off about twenty minutes after this photo was taken.

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    Impressive formal attire there….

  2. Amy Says:

    ARRRGGHH! I love the Utilikilt! My husband wants one of those so bad. Tell me, are they really worth the bucks?

  3. bonnie Says:

    You know, my first glance at this photo had me thinking, “Hmmm…LittleMissSubmissive on a very fancy handknit lead?” Then at second glance, I was thinking, “Holy he knitting her scarf??” (I didnt see the text below until I scrolled down a bit). Too funny.

    Anyhow…Hi. I’ve been lurking. Got here (from where, I dont recall) via a link to your cable graph generator. Nothing as great in the world as a geek who knits. I knit. But I’m not a geek. My sweetie’s the geek (and a drummer, so coordinated with his hands). I cant seem to get him to try his hand at the needles, though. But I’m working on it. Happy Knitting.

    PS…outfit (& legs) look great, but you do need to finish them kilt hose :-)

  4. cari Says:

    Good to see you opted for your formal bag and boots.

  5. janna Says:

    How convenient — an accessory for your friend, a gift for the bride, and something to keep you busy while waiting around, all in one handy knitted scarf! (And you really need those kilt hose to go with the formal outfit.)

  6. KatherineOfItAll Says:

    The kiltie looks great. Where’d you find the jacket? My hub always wears his kilt to weddings–makes boring Utah weddings a little less so.

  7. MMario Says:

    Laddie – ye be needing to have a sporran fer yer handiwork.

  8. lara Says:

    Awesome picture. Cool scarf. I can see why you want another Utilikilt – you wear them very well.

  9. Administrator Says:

    Oooh, a knitting sporran . . . that’s not a bad idea, MM.

    The jacket is the Clint Tuxedo which I got at a local Western wear shop.

    Yes, I am going to make some proper kilt hose! I promise!

    Oh, and Cari – smartass. 😛

  10. Emma Says:

    So sexy in your kilt. My sister married a Scot in Edinburgh. Lots of boys in skirts. Fab !

  11. Wendy Says:

    Emma, they’re NOT skirts – they are kilts. A huge difference. I hope you did not accuse any of the blokes of wearing a skirt. But ifthey were true Scotsmen, they would not be wearing anything underneath. Did you check? LOL

    Wendy in Falkirk, about 20 minutes from Edinburgh

  12. Aarlene Says:

    Yay David, caught you on Cast On! So when are YOU going to start podcasting? Hmmmm?