I can see how that would be awkward.

So I’m driving home from seeing a movie with some buddies from work when I pass a pickup stalled on the side of the road. It’s hauling a trailer, and the bed and the trailer are both full of furniture. Some poor group of folks were moving at 10:00 on a Friday night.

And they had run out of gas.

I looped around to a gas station, filled up a gas can and went back to help them out. By the time I got there, a police car had stopped to help them. They’d already put two gallons in the tank, but it still wasn’t starting (possibly because the truck was on a pretty good incline.) I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add the two gallons I’d brought, so I started emptying it into the truck’s tank.

About halfway through the can, I hear some pop song start playing. I didn’t recognize it, but the words were something like “You’re beautiful . . . and I love you . . . ” After a second I realize it’s the cop’s cell phone. He grimaces at me and says, “Um, that’s my girlfriend.”

After he finishes the call, we stand there quietly for a second. Then he says, “You have no idea how embarassing it is when that happens and you are in front of a judge.”

“Did it help your case?”

“No, but when it said ‘You’re beautiful’, the judge said ‘Why thank you.'”

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  1. Aarlene Says:

    Oh, that was sweet! I think that was the universe reaching out and saying that you are a beautiful person. I mean, what else could a kilt wearing, knitting, gas getting computer guy be? Maybe this will knock out those weird dreams you’ve been having? What the heck did you eat that night? Haggis?

  2. heatherly Says:

    that is awesome! my ringtone for my hubby is “you are my cheeseburger, and i will wait for you” from veggie tales. cuz veggies rock.