A riddle

Q.) What’s big and white with a 20″ screen and doesn’t do a damn thing?
A.) My computer!

I wandered in to check my mail and read news this morning to find that my computer was powered down. I couldn’t get it to power back up. Freaking wonderful. Being a Mac, it’s not just a case of my rummaging through my pile of spare hardware to find a new power supply. I will probably have to lug it back to the Apple Store and see if they can fix it.

Yay for nightly backups!

I’m also in the glacial process of moving. I hate moving. Really, really dread it. I don’t know why; maybe it’s because the first move that I remember as a kid was full of tears. I think the very first things I remember after hearing my parents say that we were moving was seeing my sister bawling.

At any rate, I’m sick of living in my apartment and I’m moving in with my buddy Mike (a.k.a. Thomas the Triathlete). Between moving and fixing the home computer, it might be a while before I post anything up here.

I crocheted a little daisy for the baby cap and handed it off to the proud daddy. He was happy with it. I’m now working on another co-worker project. This one is the Heads Up Hat from the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits. It’s for my friend Sean’s wife, who is a big fan of green. It’s really turning out beautifully so far – I’ll try to get a pic up here through the work computer or something.

No Responses to “A riddle”

  1. KatherineOfItAll Says:

    Green is good, crashes are bad. See when we see you, I guess. Good luck with the glaciosity.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Our computers at work have been taking turns crashing….sorry to hear about your problems.

    Good luck on the move – hope to see more knitting soon. (as soon as you recover from box unloading, anyway)

  3. Aarlene Says:

    ewww I hate moving too. I hope your move is relatively painless. Get well, Mac.

  4. pippy Says:

    Moving! Ugh. It sucks.
    Hope your Mac is better soon.