Mazel Tov!

Great Scott! Thumper has finally arrived! And apparently the labor was a doozy. Congratulations Cari, and Happy Father’s Day to Billy.

I have finally gotten back to some real knitting. Witness the start of one of Leigh Radford’s Heads-Up Hats from Interweave Knits’ Spring 2005 issue:


This cap has some interesting construction in it. It’s knit flat rather than in the round, but only up to the crown shaping. When you start the crown, you switch to dpns and work in the round. Then you seam up the back. The main body is basically garter stitch with some slipped stitches on alternating garter bands. That’s what gives it the dotted coloring.

I think it’s the garter stitch basis that made the designer decide to do the body flat. It’s easier to do the garter stitch if you’re knitting everything as opposed to purling alternate rows.

Oh, and the home computer seems to be behaving again. I think my UPS is getting ready to crap out.

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  1. Pippy Says:

    That’s a really cool looking pattern, I’ve been wanting to make one of those for a while now. Nice colors!

  2. heatherly Says:

    weird construction.