Almost . . . done . . .

All the big stuff has been moved. I’ve slept the last two nights in my new room.

There were casualties in the move. I’m going to be cooking Thomas the Triathlete a kick-ass dinner as soon as the dust settles to make up for his sprained ankle.

It’s official: in terms of volume, I own more yarn than clothing. I moved 11 trash bags of stash and I’m still finding odd balls tucked away amongst the Little Stuff™ each time I make another run by the old apartment.

I am really enjoying throwing crap away. I feel like I’m throwing off dead weight.

Oh yeah, almost forgot – Angela absolutely loved the mended gloves.

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    Congratulations on the move and on the realization that you’ve got more yarn than clothing. Have you reached the point of S.A.B.L.E. yet? (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy?) I’m rapidly approaching that point myself.

    My sympathies for your friend’s sprained ankle. I got one of those a few moves back and it’s never really been the same.

  2. Aarlene Says:

    More stash than clothing? You say that like there’s something wrong. Besides, what is stash but potential clothing? It’s in a pre-garment state.

  3. Suzy Says:

    I agree with Aarlene about the stash/clothing issue! As a rather frequent mover the past 15 years or so (6!! and 2 were cross country: OK to NY and then NY to SA,TX! All self moved! I am getting too old to move washers, sofas, etc. up and down stairs though so will probably hire someone for the big stuff next time!) See you at the YB soon!