A ripping good yarn about ripping good yarn

So there I was, packing up my stuff to go spend the weekend at my mom’s, when I experienced the heartbreak every cable knitter feels at least once: a mis-crossed cable. I have no idea how I let these things slip into my knitting, but every time I do a project with a non-trivial cable in it I get at least one of these.

samus oops.jpg
Why didn’t anyone point that out earlier? Huh?

*sigh* Tragedy. At first I was going to be all clever and just rip the two stitches of the cable back and then pick them up, but a few seconds of actually trying that convinced me of its futility. I did that trick a couple times when I made my first Aran, but that yarn was much less kerschmuggly than Lamb’s Pride Worsted is. Kerschmuggly is a word that I just invented to describe the tendency of some frizzy yarns to bind to themselves when they’re knit or crocheted up. A really kerschmuggly yarn is a pain in the ass to rip out because the stitches just won’t let go of each other.

If “kerschmuggly” had a prior meaning, I am very sorry. Find another word.

The band is going pretty quickly now, so I made up the ripped-out progress in just a few minutes. I actually ran out of yarn to work with this afternoon and resorted to reading the copy of the Yarn Harlot’s new book that I bought for my sister. My front right tire had a bad sidewall bulge in it that was going to probably blow, so I had to go to Voldemart to get a replacement. Sorry, sis, but you’re going to get the book slightly used.

While I was at my mom’s, she showed me one of the quilts that she’s currently working on. This one is going to be a gift for one of her Ya-Ya sisters. It’s got flip-flops on the front and a pair of sunglasses on the back for the label.

flipflop quilt.jpg

Even though she’s got a “Martha Stuart Doesn’t Live Here” tile in her kitchen, my mom sets a very nice table. In fact, she’d like to offer all of you coffee drinkers some cream if you take it.

laughing cow.jpg

(The first time I saw that I thought it was awfully gross. Now I can’t stop laughing.)

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  1. Anton Says:

    Poor cow. It’s never good to cough and have cream come out your nose. At least it didn’t get all foamy and stuff.

    On another note I’ve finally cast on for the satchel that I’ve been promising to make myself all summer.

    Deb and I went up to the Blue Bonnet Yarn Shop north of Austin yesterday. They had a great deal on Cascade 220 and I picked up 11 hanks for the satchel. I’ll bring some to work tomorrow so you can see the colors. I think they’ll work nicely for a man purse.

    The Blue Bonnet is a lot too far to drive often (75 miles) but we’ll be trying to get up there every couple months for a Saturday of knitting.

  2. janna Says:

    You know, that’s not really where the milk comes out of the cow!

    The first time I dropped stitches down to fix a mis-crossed cable, I was so thrilled — it was like I had arrived as a knitter. The second time I tried to do it, I ended up practically in tears and ended up ripping back about 10 rows. I can’t imagine trying to fix it with that fair isley stuff you’ve got going on — not to mention the “kerschmuggliness” of the yarn….

  3. Anna Bannana Says:

    *snarf* Voldemart *cackle* Oh *wheeze* my *giggle* God.

    I am so going to have to steal that! : )

    Ripping was probably the right way to go to fix that little cable, especially with the yarn (kerschmuggly *further giggling*) and 2 colors, and the fact that you weren’t THAT far away from the mistake. If you’d been way further I’d’ve either used Stephanie’s “sew over it in order to make it look right” technique, or left it as the “one mistake” that should be in every work (because only God makes perfect things, at least according to the Amish who live down the road from me). But then, I’m lazy and not particularly fond of annoying God.

    Glad you had a not too horrible weekend!

  4. Kim Says:

    The cow is adorable!

  5. Juno Says:

    I like the sugar pig.

  6. Mindy Says:

    I say points for even trying it the two stitch way. I always just rip away instead of trying to drop the stitches.

    I love the cow!

  7. Cynthia Says:

    I just came across your aran sweater (from Feb 2004 posting) and was wondering what the finished piece looks like. I LOVE what you did with the shoulder and collar…… Is there a way to get more information about this sweater pattern?


  8. Suzy Says:

    I love the cow. (I guess they could have had the milk pour out the other end! Now THAT would be gross!)

  9. Stephieface Says:

    I vote Harlot Voodoo/Black Magic.

  10. Ranger Susie Says:

    Man, I hate when milk comes out of my nose.

    Love the quilt your mom’s working on. And I don’t suppose you’re willing to just ignore that miscrossed cable…

  11. Holly Says:

    I needed the BIG YELLOW ARROW to see the cable mistake. So unless you plan the BYA as part of the overall design, no one but you may be ever able to tell where that cable oops is.

    Your mom’s quilt is fantasic! Are the flip-flops hand or machine applique? or something different?

    Thank you for “kerschmuggly”, now I have the perfect word to describe my mohair yarn to my non-knitting friends when I try to tink a row.

    By the way, that cow’s swiss cousin is in my kitchen.

  12. Stacey Says:

    Wabi Sabi baby. I still think the cables look great. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE mom’s quilt! Go Mom!

  13. lara Says:

    No one could see the mis-crossed cable – at least I couldn’t from the pics. Nice moo moo cow- and cute quilt.. flippity flops!! Wish I could wear those things, but I just cannot seem to walk in flippity flops without flipping one 3 feet in front of me or walking out of one 3 feet behind me… Hah!

  14. michelle Says:

    Sorry for being such a jerk.

    It looks pretty good.

  15. Administrator Says:

    I would like to state for the record that Michelle, sole proprietor of Another Knitting Blog, is not now and has never been a jerk.