Momentary Diversion

Here’s the progress on the Samus Aran so far:


Hey, wait just a . . . that’s not the border of a sweater! No, that is the long-lost and much-fabled second sock. Which I think was actually the fourth sock I started, but it’s going to be the second in a complete pair. Because the second two were imperfect offerings in the Knitting Olympics, they got ripped out.

At least, I think that’s how it went. It’s been a while, and my brain has never worked all that well.

Anyway, last night I was puttering around the house contemplating the next pair of kilt hose, and it struck me that I really should finish the first pair of socks I started before I go on to another pair. I’m silly that way; I don’t like to have lots of WIPs lying around.

No Responses to “Momentary Diversion”

  1. Holly Says:

    Is that cognac I see? Does it cure SSS? Or even better, help keep the WIPs in the closet/under the bed/hidden from view and thought?

  2. Lilith Says:

    Tease! Showing us regular updates on the cable-y goodness and then throwing in a sock to throw us off. *hmph*

  3. Stephieface Says:

    I like a man who teases…. keeps things exciting.
    Personally I never knit anything bigger than my head and only work on one project at a time…. and having only one WIP at a time I wonder if that makes me a bad bad knitter, or at least very lame? Hmmmm….

  4. Mindy Says:

    That’s way more self-control than I have. I have more WIPs than I care to admit.

  5. Arianna Says:

    Hi, David… just a little friendly hello. I think i emailed you a couple times, but no reply, so thought I would leave you a little note here. Can’t make heads nor tails of the knitters, but sending warm hellos. Arianna

  6. Suzy Says:

    Don’t you think a sock is happy when the mate finally arrives?! :)