Five Repeats In

Five repeats in to the Saxon Braid cable:


I know, it looks like eight repeats. But the three on the right are where I was working Intarsia, and they’re going to get cut off and sacrificed to the knitting gods before this project is through. This is coming along faster than I’d thought it was going to. I might actually get some work done on the body next week.

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  1. Stephieface Says:

    Its looking awesome! Did you fix that miscross that none of us could see until you pointed it out to us with a big yellow arrow and even then we couldn’t see it -OR- is that why you are sacrificing part of the cables to the knitting gods, so they will right the wrong for you?

  2. lara Says:

    Much progress! – knit on Chap.. Same question again – did u fix it or move on? My guess, u fixed it – I don’t see anymore BIG YELLOW ARROWS! Looks very very nice..

  3. Mindy Says:


  4. Anna Bananna Says:

    While I give you total props for the progress, something looks amuck with the middle one of the 5 you’re keeping. Perhaps it’s my monitor or the fabric it’s laying on, or it’s supposed to be like that but the 3rd repeat from the needles looks strange to me. Please correct me kindly if I’m way off.


  5. amanda Says:

    I agree the middle one is different. So is that part of the pattern or an actual mistake? Personally I like havining every 3rd repeat be different. Also I think the part done in Fair Isle looks much cleaner on the right side too. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. Rachel Says:

    wait, I think you might have a design element fermenting in your knitting. are all 5 repeats the exact same? because I see, from the needles to the right, two repeated cables, then one shorter and narrower cable, then two more of the first variety. see? design element- repeat the odd bugger now and you have your own pattern!

  7. Suzy Says:

    Yep, I agree that there is something a bit off in the repeat 3rd from the needles. I also agree that you can repeat it now and it will be okay.

  8. Lauren Says:

    you know what i dont think he went enough rows in between bringing his cable d knot do-hickey back arond casue that one curves back all circular like instead of elliptically (yes i know this is an abomination of typing but i had a nasty dynamics test today)

  9. Juno Says:

    Look back in sorrow not in anger?

    But if you do it again it’s a pattern not a mistake…….