Calling all knitting bloggers!

Hey you. Yeah, you, with the pointy sticks, digital camera and keyboard.
I’ve got some spare server space that I really want to fill up. I thought maybe you could help.

I’m going to start setting up blogs for knitters. Maybe crocheters too if they come with references.

Here’s the deal: for $10 a month, you get:

  • A WordPress blog
  • 50 MB Disk Space
  • 2 GB Data Transfer
  • 25 POP Accounts

Or, for $25 a month:

  • 300 MB Disk Space
  • 10 GB Data Transfer
  • 50 POP Accounts

Plus you get tech support from me. (For the blog, not the knitting.) (Well, okay, maybe for the knitting too.) I think Cari and Stacey will vouch for me on that front.

If you’re not happy with your current blog host, if you don’t have a blog yet and want to get one, or if you just really need to get rid of a couple extra bucks, let me know. Please pass this on to your friends; I’m not going to mention it again on my blog – I prefer to save my shameless self-promotion for knitting and kilt pics.

Okay, Donna, here you go.

Obligatory Kilt Pic

No Responses to “Calling all knitting bloggers!”

  1. Donna Says:

    So…where’s the kilt pic? Need a fix.

  2. Stephieface Says:

    Right now, everyone is secretly thanking the almighty Donna, and planning to name firstborns and yarn after her. I myself am setting up a sock monkey shrine in her honor.

  3. janna Says:

    hmmm…. on Safari, the photo’s really long — like you’re about 22 ft tall and anorexic. Or looking in a funhouse mirror, because the width is what it’s supposed to be. It’s fine on Firefox (on my mac, too).

  4. Anna Bannana Says:

    Can’t Speak….
    Eyes burning….

    *hack hack*

    Some WARNING next time dear! WARNING! My boyfriend does not particularly appreciate me panting over my computer screen early in the morning! Good God Man! You better watch out or I may be forced to send your picture to this site (NWS)

  5. Holly Says:

    Thank you, oh thank you, wonderful and great Donna!!

    After viewing this, I asked my husband whether he’d ever worn a kilt, and after his “Yes”, asked if he’d wear one now if I got him one. So….next up today, on-line shopping for a kilt for “My David”.

  6. michelle Says:

    For me, the photo appears very large. So, at one time I can view (1) a nice head shot (great hair, BTW), (2) your midsection, including the kilt, about which I could say much, but I won’t (have you lost weight?) or, (3) your legs and boots, which aren’t quite as enthralling as numbers 1 or 2.

    I suppose I will have to save and resize you for the full impact.

  7. Mindy Says:

    Love, love, love the pic of you in the kilt!

  8. bonnie Says:

    I think viewing you in sections is half the fun. But I’m kind of strange.
    You can shamelessly self-promote you in your kilt any time 😉 (thanks, donna!)
    Wonder what else one can get if we ask for it…hmmm….

  9. Donna Says:

    Not THAT’s what I’m talking about…thanks dude.

    You’re welcome everyone. My work here is done…unless of course he slacks off again and doesn’t show kilt for awhile…

  10. Another Stephanie Says:

    I saw with sadness that you frogged your kilt sock, and yet you clearly need them! I found a loverly pattern in Folk Sock by Nancy Bush, that I have yet to make for my Scottish dwelling son. But I love her other patterns, so trust it. Find it. They have shaping and cables which increase the huggability of the socks. Nice photo.

  11. Suzy Says:

    Thanks for the link Anna Bannana–be still my hear! I fear David, that your pic is not quite in the same realm as these though. I suggest a reshoot! 😉 You definitely need to knit some hose.

  12. Mary, Mary Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, pipe down, ladies! seriously considering your offer re:website. Will let you know after school starts….and life gets back to normal. How can you knit wool much less cables in this weather?

  13. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    Nice. Very nice.

  14. Lisak Says:

    Ahh… Thank you! Very nice kilt.

  15. Nealie Says:

    Yikes! I go spend the weekend getting sunburned in the woods just to come home and get hot all over again….
    You are looking mighty fine in that kilt! Thank you Donna, thank you David, thank you Utilikilts!

  16. lara Says:

    Need to knit you some socks!! I am blinded by the white!! Heehee. JK.
    Cool pic you magnet. When you gonna get a plaid Utilikilt?

  17. Anne Says:

    Hubba hubba.

  18. Pippy Says:

    Ooh! Look at the meat-cake!!! 😀
    Your hair looks so nice all long! Are you growing it out? Embracing your inner Fabio??

  19. Ranger Susie Says:

    Oh wow.

  20. Stephanie Says:

    Again with the kilt. How about a sexy little off the shoulder evening number?

  21. cari Says:

    Whoops! I’m late! Yes, I can indeed vouch that you are the tech god that makes my blog run. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, folks!)

  22. Lora Says:

    THANK YOU DONNA!!!!!!!!

    David, love the utilikilt and all that’s in it!!! 😉

  23. Daphne Says:

    Mmm..mmm..good. :) are my new favorite person in the blogosphere. 😉

  24. Michael Wade Says:

    Okay, I don’t want to objectify our host, but I have to agree with the ladies… the kilt is working for me.

    Vive Le Roi.


  25. Michael Wade Says:

    And the follow up question which no one seems to be asking, “Where did you get that rocking kilt?”

  26. Anne O'Nymous Says:

    I don’t mean to be rude or, as Michael said, to objectify you, but DAMN— you fine!

    Brilliant, too!