At long, long last.

I have finally finished my first pair of socks. That is to say, the first pair I started.

I am calling them “those damn socks.” I expect future sock projects will involve less pain and will be a lot cooler looking. Now that I’ve done these, I’m ready to explore the sock space, if you will, by experimenting with different heel turns and toe decreases. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even try the toe-up variations that Brenda has been raving about lately.

Those Damn Socks

I resumed work on the Fair Isle cables this evening. Pictures soon, I promise. Right now I’m just exhausted from more bad days at work than I can count, and I’m going to bed.

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  1. Lilith Says:

    No more flap heels. Short rows all the way. 😛

  2. Amy Says:

    Yay!!! You finished your socks! I’ll be curious to see the sock you’ll be knitting for your “sock war.” Sorry about the work thing, but you could always explore some of the career changes that were mentioned @ SnB :-)

  3. Susan Says:

    The socks look great!

  4. Scout Says:

    Good job! Now you need to come over and order some sock yarn from me custom dyed for you!

  5. lara Says:

    Me likes ’em! – See.. I wish I could do that – but I think the only sock that I can manage is the TUBE sock – I don’t understand the HEEL part!! Erghh. I can relate to the work thing.. ugh.

  6. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Go you! (shakes your hand vigorously) Good job! Good onya, mate! Way to go! It’s such a pleasure to shake hands with a fellow sock-finisher.

    My daughter calls me a sock knitter almost like it’s an insult.
    Her: Are you a /sock knitter/?!
    Me: Yes. I knit socks.
    Her: You’re a SOCK KNITTER!
    Me: Yes, yes I am.

    You, sir, are a sock knitter.
    (btw, go lookit my blog)

  7. Rachel Says:

    very nice job. you are poised to wreak assasination in the sock wars. My week sucked too- wanna trade jobs? mwah!

  8. bonnie Says:

    ‘Dem look like happy feet 😉

  9. Ginny/tiggerknit Says:

    Way to go!! will find them more addicting than potato chips!! I am a knitter in OK displaced from wayyyy upstate NY, just south of Quebec. I knitted for self preservation in my youth as -40 is too cold to not be introduced to wool!! I did socks then..and had a longg time without knitting. After moving from LA to OR..ok..I lived all over this US..and had to knit for self preservation again! Socks were my first to knit again..I love them. They are great swatches…if you don’t want to make a whole sweater….what will the yarn look like, pattern, etc…and when done..I have made a sweater to go with them! I use a software called Sole Solution for socks. Great jumping off point for lots of future socks. It also has a Desktop Companion software that is all patterns you can incorporate into the SS. Be prepared to knit a whole new world of addiction…SOCKS!!

  10. Tammany Says:

    Congrats on your socks! They look great. I am a relatively new sock knitter myself. I have made two top-down pairs and just finished a pair of toe-ups. I have to say, the toe up went a lot faster once I got the hang of the short rows used in the toe and heel. I used Wendy’s generic pattern ( I enjoyed it.

  11. Pippy Says:

    Yay! Sock knitting!
    You will become addicted and then look out.
    Believe it.