Those pics I promised

First off, here are the stitch markers that Susan made. Evocative of the randomness they are meant to dispel, don’t you think?


And then there’s the main event, the Saxon braid which will soon be the border of a cardigan.


That leather strip with the beads in the lower right-hand corner of the photo is my knitting abacus. It’s saved my butt from more pattern errors than I can count. Each bead below the knot stands for one row, each bead above the knot stands for five rows. So this abacus is good for patterns with up to nineteen rows.

I think the advice to make the error into a feature was very good – I like the way the cable is shaping up. And now, to keep things on the needles interesting, I think I’m going to cast on for the Mark II Kilt Hose.

8 Responses to “Those pics I promised”

  1. Susan Says:

    I like your knitting abacus! Very cool. I also love the Saxon braid. Can you bring it Tuesday to show off?

  2. Stephieface Says:

    Did you make your own abacus? Can we have a pic of your abacus? Is it me or did that last sentence sound really dirty?

  3. Holly Says:

    I have a ROW KEEPER BRACELET from PatternWorks (or most any kniting catalog) which uses the same principle and is good for up to 100 rows. But I like the abacus too.
    Thanks for the Sock Wars link. I’m so psyched!

  4. Cynthia Says:

    luv dem stitch markers.

    The saxon braid is wonderful – the design feature really works.

    I made a knitting abacus back when I was working on my Two Sticks and String aran pullover. It’s a real life saver sometimes….

  5. Rachel Says:

    Thought of you when I saw these

  6. bonnie Says:

    Love the stitch markers–knitting can be such a crap shoot (I know, dont quit my day job).
    And the abacus is awesome, and I’m assuming you made it, no? I was given one of the bracelet counter thingies as a gift, but I often forget to flip a bead because it’s not actually ON the knitting. The colors and such are also a bit girlie for me. I like the neutrality,earthyness and cleverness of yours (make ’em, sell ’em, make ’em, sell ’em…??).

  7. KatherineOfItAll Says:

    I’m excited to see how the kilt hose turn out (that’s how I found your blog months ago–a google search for knit kilt hose). So I’m egging you on.

  8. Dooming It to Never Happen | Little Miss Drama Pants Says:

    […] also been reading Sweater Project’s blog and he’s been working on fair isle saxon braid cable that is destined to be the border of a cardigan and I’m absolutely fascinated by this. I want […]