Sockaggedon Approaches…

Damn, time flies by. I’ve got a week to finish the Mark II Kilt Hose, and then, as surely as night will fall upon us all*, the Sock Wars will be upon us.

But for those of you who aren’t participating in the great sock throwdown of 2006, perhaps you’d like to match wits with a group of Benevolent Assassins?

*Unless you’re in a non-geosynchronous orbit above the surface of whatever planet you’re on. Or you live on a planet that doesn’t rotate. Or you live on a planet with multiple suns. You see where I’m going with this.

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  1. Mary, Mary Says:

    Oh those vacation pics make me twitchy for a plane tkt–to anywhere that has evening temps in the 60s. I’m too wimpy for SockWars, opting for Socktoberfest instead in hopes of free beer…;)

  2. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    *or if you currently reside in Santa’s backyard or the south pole. Alert, closest inhabited location to the north pole (on Ellesmere Island), won’t be seeing darkness for at least another couple weeks. Been there, done 6 months of that. If I get my scanner working, I’ll post picture on my blog.