Gettin’ the photo props!

I got two great bits of news yesterday.
First, thanks to Libby for using my tip jar on the VisiKnit page! My first tip! I really appreciate it. I hope the program continues to be useful for everyone.

Second, Thomas the Triathlete The God of Hellfire let me know that this picture, which I took two years ago at his first competition, has won an honorable mention in a triathlon photography competition! I’ll post more details on that when I get them.

And as everyone’s probably aware by now, Sock Wars 2006 begins today. I really wish it hadn’t come to this, people. Can’t we sort out our sock differences without resorting to violence? In the end, does it really matter if you knit toe-up or top-down?

The answer is yes, it matters a lot, because if you’re working a style you’re unfamiliar with, it’s going to slow you down and I’m going to kick your ass. :-)

No Responses to “Gettin’ the photo props!”

  1. cari Says:

    cool, but you know which triathlon photo I REALLY want to see again…

  2. Godofhellfire Says:

    That’s thegodofhellfire to you! Despite you winning me fame and glory with your insightful camera lens, only my evil master may address me as Thomas, and he holds his sword of power when he does…..

  3. Godofhellfire Says:

    by the way, that picture won the honorable mention in a national contest for trisports under the humor category. Nice pic, david. You’ve got a fantastic eye for great pics….