Too good to pass up

I’d already promised myself that I was going to wait a while before posting another kilt pic, but this one – taken by my friend Isabelle – was just too damn funny to hold on to.

kilt oops

Damn ventilation grates.

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  1. Lilith Says:

    LMAO! Very cute!

    (I like how long your hair is getting, btw.)

  2. michelle Says:

    You’re adorable, Marilyn.

  3. Anna Bannana Says:

    That was the perfect end to a wonderful day!

    I actually thought about you a bunch today. I was at the NOSO, a knitting event in Roanoke, VA. There were onlyl two other men there – both husbands/co-owners of knitting shops. I kept thinking, “if only David were here, he’d be having an amazing time!”

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed the extra air flow. *lol*

  4. Stephieface Says:

    I see london I see france……………..

  5. Aarlene Says:


  6. Kim Says:

    Tee Hee :o) Great pic!

  7. scoutj Says:

    Haaa!!! I love it.

  8. Hilary Says:

    Totally Marilyn!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)))
    Liking the hair too, btw 😉

  9. Marianne Says:

    Nice gams,,,great gams,,,thank you, ever so much. Dude, you are just so damned easy on the eye.

  10. Marianne Says:

    Oops,Dude, so sorry, gams being a word related to the female…so ok.
    Nice manly legs, great manly legs…..and continue with the above.

  11. AmySATX Says:

    You’ve got “The Bee’s Knees.” Great pic!!

  12. Emma Says:

    That’ll increase your fan base !

  13. Suzy Says:

    Now you know why women like to wear skirts/dresses in the summer-especially in SA, TX! (air flow) Thanks for the view of your knees! 😉 And a “real Scot” doesn’t wear anything underneath- Stephieface! Don’t know the Mightly Kiltwearing Knitter’s pedigree.

  14. bonnie Says:

    Does this mean you have the Seven Year Itch??

  15. Donna Says:

    Hurray for Ventilation Grates!

    You are spoiling us with all these kilt pics.

  16. Michelle Says:

    Dang, you are too funny!

  17. Mindy Says:


  18. Carolyn Says:

    Sweets, do you OWN pants any more?

    Good lord, I’m becoming your mother.

  19. East Says:

    You MUST send that off to Utilikilt and have them post that on their website in their photogallery! Fab photo, fab gams! Nothing is sexier than a man in a kilt!

  20. Lisak Says:

    Hotter than Marilyn for sure!

  21. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    Fabulous! Marilyn couldn’t hold a candle to you. Thanks for indulging us, David!

  22. michelle Says:

    A link for you.

    Yes, that is a woman with leaf blower.

  23. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Bonny knees, sir, very bonny knees.
    I’d like to quote a song that’s a favorite of mine:

    “Lad, I don’t know where ya been, but I see you’ve won first prize!”

    Fifty points to whomever knows this song 😉

  24. Bridget Says:

    Fabu! Love the shot! And I second the vote for you sending it to the Utilikilt folks; they might even pay you for it!

    And I know the song Jess of the Bugs quotes…..

  25. JoAnne Says:

    You knit, you’re straight, AND you’re nice to look at. Plus, you cook at least little bit. Wanna move to CT?