Hey, Knitting Progress!

It’s slow, but inexorable. Progress on the kilt hose continues. The first one is looking very leg-like these days.
I’m just hoping I get them done by Rhinebeck! (Have I mentioned I’m going to Rhinebeck?)


No Responses to “Hey, Knitting Progress!”

  1. cynthia Says:

    I’m sooo jealous – I’d love to go to Rhinebeck (maybe next year).

    The kilt ho is coming along really well. Looks like you’re almost finished with it!

  2. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Send me a postcard, ‘kay?

  3. cari Says:

    After all these years, finally we meet! Can’t wait, darlin.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I’m afraid of your floor. But the hose are SO PRETTY!

  5. bonnie Says:

    The hose looks lovely, but it just now occurred to me that this means we won’t get as much “leggage” in your kilt photos. Poo.
    Have fun at Rhinebeck…I’m envious.
    (oh, and Carolyn: hahaha)

  6. Marianne Says:

    The kilt hose is looking really great, and yeah, about that bit of floor? it is just a bit scarey.

  7. Susan Says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t tell us you were going to Rhinebeck last night!!! Is it because you knew we’d strangle you then ask you to bring us all gifties?

  8. janna Says:

    Are you doing Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo? Because you’d be easy to recognize – unless, of course, you go incognito and wear pants.

  9. Stephieface Says:

    I love Janna.
    Have you checked your stats at Utilikilt lately?

  10. Stephanie Says:

    Rhinebeck? Buddy. I’ll buy you a beer. Where ya stayin?

  11. Michelle Says:

    Dude, you are so up there on my heroes list. My sock is taking foreeeeeeever…

    You rock. See you Sunday (?).

  12. Annie Says:

    Love the socks! Color me impressed. They’re lovely.