Quick Recipe for Endive Salad

This is what I made for the Stitch ‘n Bitch on Tuesday. So simple even a bachelor can make it.

1 wedge stilton
2 heads of endive
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 bunch asparagus
1 cup each raspberry vinegar and cabernet

Pour the vinegar and the cab in a saucepan and reduce to a thick sauce. ( I didn’t reduce mine enough on Tuesday. )

Boil or steam the asparagus until just tender. Chop it up.

Crumble the stilton into a food processor with a pastry blade in it. Add the nuts. Mix.
Add the asparagus and mix it with a wooden spoon.

Fill the endive leaves with the cheese / nut /asparagus mixture.

Drizzle with glaze.



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  1. MMario Says:

    dang I hate living in a rural area! I’d have to go 35 miles to find stilton, endive, or a rGOOD raspberry vinager.

  2. janna Says:

    These were really good! However, I thought it was balsamic vinegar….. I might try reducing some balsamic (or raspberry) vinegar alone, since the rest of the bottle of cabernet would go to waste at my house.

  3. Hilary Says:


    Well, a bachelor with a very well-equipped kitchen could make it!! 😉

    Do you know what I miss? Those caramelized pecan /walnuts/ whatevers you used to put on salad….YUM!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Shame on me for staying holed up during the week. I miss some cool stuff.

  5. Stephanie Says:


  6. AmySATX Says:

    Sounds yummy! Sorry I missed it! I would probably have to add “spill dressing on white shirt” between “eat” and “burp” though. :-)

  7. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    With all your talents, I’m shocked there isn’t a Mrs. Kiltman.

  8. pippy Says:

    I’m with Barbara. What’s the deal, Kiltman?? 😛