Made it! Made them!

Greetings from Rhinebeck.

Yes, I finished the kilt hose! Kind of. I wore one of them without the ends woven in; they were just tucked inside.

And I finally met an old friend. I’m tuckered out right now; updates when I get back to Tejas.


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  1. Kim Says:

    Congratulations on finishing! I can’t wait to hear about your trip! Reading about you wandering around in Poughkeepsie made me a little homesick, as did seeing a little bit of autumn in the background of your pic :o)

  2. Kim Says:

    The surprised guy at the end of my post should have been a :)

  3. pippy Says:

    I’d know that yarn hair anywhere!!! Did you get to see Thumper??
    I am so jell-o!!!! Hope you are having fun and have a safe trip back to San Antone!

  4. Kim Says:


  5. mom Says:

    nice sweater!

  6. Suzy Says:

    Glad to see that you are enjoying the best of NY weather. I do miss the fall! See you soon.

  7. cari Says:

    Man, that car ride flattened out my curls! So so so wonderful to finally hug you after all these years. Too bad that Rhinebeck isn’t remotely conducive to hanging out or actual conversation if you don’t make it an overnight. All to be remedied when you move here, anyway. Yes, yes you are moving here.

    No. really.

    You’re moving here.

  8. Mel Says:

    Hey! Great to meet you and the kilt, and of course, the kilt hose. I think I may need to make me some for next year – in alpaca, naturally. Maybe by then I’ll have also finished sewing the kilt-in-progress.

  9. Matt Says:

    Nice seeing you, bro.

  10. Lee Ann Says:

    You’re moving to New York?

    Good. You can teach my husband to knit. He was so impressed with the kilt hose that now he wants a kilt and is muttering things about wool choices…I have no idea where to get a kilt like that, so if you’ve got resources, please share :-)

    We were sad that all we got to do was wave to you across the crowds…my man was angling to actually talk to you but we never quite made it. We’d both like you to know, though, that those kilt hose are so beautiful they’ve wreaked total hell on my knitting plans for the near future. Beautiful job!

  11. Lee Ann Says:

    P.S. No, we don’t live in New York, we live in Montreal. But that’s a hell of a lot closer than Tejas, dude…

  12. Cindy D Says:

    If you would like a pic of your kilt hose, mosey over to my blog! I again thank you for the pattern. Did you use the exact toe up directions that are in the pattern?

  13. Lilith Says:

    Awesome weekend. :) We must do it again next year.

  14. cari Says:

    Lee Ann doesn’t know it yet, but she’s moving to NYC too.

  15. pippy Says:

    Hey, what about me?? Can I move to New York too??

  16. Carole Says:

    Dave, it was terrific to meet you. I was so impressed by the socks. And the hanging out at Coyote Grill, too.

  17. lorinda Says:

    A Celtic man who knits. Be still my beating heart.

  18. blogless sharon Says:

    hey dave great meeting you. glad you had a good time