One down, one to go

I’ve said this before – perusing other people’s blogs, I feel so lame only doing two projects for my holiday knitting. That said, I’m very happy to have gotten the first one done and ready for blocking so I can deliver it to its recipient sometime this week.

Remember when I said that you could tell where my drugs kicked in after the surgery by looking at the knitting? It wasn’t anything drastic, but it was pretty obvious.

Sorry for the fuzzy camera phone pic, but right near the center of the picture you can see a mis-crossed cable that I failed to catch.

So what’cha gonna do with such a travesty?
(That was sooo satisfying.)

Then spend a few minutes picking up the stitches and re-knitting them as they were supposed to have been done. Voila.

And a few short knitting sessions later, one finds oneself with a nice big FO which is a little *too* big to comfortably photograph flat. It hasn’t been blocked yet or anything; I just wanted to get some proof that it was done.

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  1. Carrie Says:

    Congratulations! I too am only knitting two Christmas gifts, but they’re largish, for me, and I am slow! I hope to finish one tonight, and then I need to knit about 6 inches a night between now and Christmas Eve to get the other done. SOB!

  2. Lilith Says:


  3. Judy Says:

    Absolutely fabulous :-)
    Where can we get the pattern?

  4. janna Says:

    By midnight tonight, I should have 4 of my 7 completely done (including the knitted robot stuffed). That leaves a warshrag (not even begun, but hey – it’s a warshrag!), a shawl, and a pair of fingerless gloves that are not Fetching. Luckily, those 3 don’t have to be done until the 30th — all the time in the world! 😉

  5. Susan Says:

    It looks beautiful! All my projects are done and in the mail. I’m never knitting for Christmas again.

  6. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Hey, alright! Go you!
    I’ve got one sewing project to do before the dreaded day – one. Yesterday, I could have worked on it but for vomiting and unconsciousness. If I can shake the dizziness, I may actually get to work on it today. Stupid procrastination. I’ll rant about it tomorrow.

  7. Cheryl Says:

    I only have two holiday projects too, and neither one will be done in time for Christmas. I’m a big lame-o.

  8. cynthia Says:

    Very nice! Love how it turned out. (good job on the ripping, btw)

  9. Alison Says:

    Let’s see, if I am counting correctly I did five things that were Christmas gifts this year. But I knit two of them over the summer. And of the other three, two were ballband dishcloths. I wanted to do more Christmas gifts, but I didn’t really even bother to plan anything out because I knew that I wouldn’t have time during the semester (and I was right!). Someday I will be done with grad school . . .

  10. Mary, Mary Says:

    Good Lord, I wander off and you have surgery! I hope you’re recuperating well. By the looks of the frogging, you’re managing your doses better. Happy Holidays!

  11. Chris Says:

    Oh sweety, I hope you’re doing well. I’m going away for a week and won’t be back till 29th and should be at the cafe on that Sunday. I hope to see you there alive and kicking. Hey the good thing about the stitches is that we can come up with some kick ass story that you can tell girls. “I got a mad laceration from a semi-truck trying to save a little boy in the street!” *Flip hair like Keaune Reeves and Smile* And all the people on sunday you can say, “I was tackling this massive cable and all of a sudden my size 6 needle slipped and I stabbed myself in the neck. I pulled it out gave myself a quick sew up job and drove myself to the hospital.” Well hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to see you alive and walking!! Have a Merry Christmas sweety!! Love ya!

  12. pippy Says:

    Beautiful scarf!!
    I finished, let’s knitted gifts, because I suck.
    So I bought everything. Sigh.
    In the New Year I will finish all sweaters, I mean it, man.
    Merry Frickin’ Christmas.
    Oh, and I talked to a (very stoned) dude in a Utilikilt yesterday in Borders, in Hammond, IN, of all places. Made me think of you, even the stoned part, 😀 .
    Lovelovelove and mistletoes,

  13. Emma Says:

    Season’s Greetings !