Diving back to the grindstone nose-first

Yay, back from Christmas vacation!
Yay, back from my first day back at work too! But let’s not talk about that.

It was nice to get away for a long weekend and spend it with my family and friends. I got a lot (for me) of knitting done, but I didn’t managed a sock a day. In fact, I didn’t get my mom’s pair of socks finished. :-( But I did upgrade her computer! And install her wireless network! And set up my stepdad’s new laptop!

So hopefully I rank above “bad son”. If I can make the grade of “acceptable deviant”, I’ll be happy.

There’s sock knitting in progress and I’ll post pictures of that soon, along with pictures of the hank of Mountain Colors that ate Austin. It’s huge. And it’s going to be a shawl very, very soon.

The pictures we do have are of your standard Christmas fare.

The angelic tree at our in-laws’ house.

My sister’s unattended knitting & drink (she knits, she parties, she rocks hard).

A picture taken of the trees at my mom’s using ambient light. (You could not see any of the details in this picture with the naked eye. Click on it and take a gander at the large version. I’m very proud of this one.)
Kinda spooky for Christmas, I know. I promise the next update will be a little more upbeat.

No Responses to “Diving back to the grindstone nose-first”

  1. =Tamar Says:

    I kind of like the outdoor photo of trees. And for a Luddite, setting up the computers is going to be greatly appreciated. I know I’d appreciate it.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Love the trees-with-ambiant-light picture! What a gorgeous Christmas tree! Mine is top heavy and looks a bit scary if you’re too close. The kids had to put the ornaments near the top because of Roger (the cat we got from Kim). See you later, Alligator!

  3. mom Says:

    The foto was MY knitting, your sister’s drink! The landscape pic is gorgeous and my computer is moving sooo much faster. You’re way above adequate…

  4. janna Says:

    Kind of a “Haunted Hill Country” picture, or something…..

  5. Donna Says:

    Is that rain or snow I see, or just my imagination?

    Welcome back, the grindstone missed you…

  6. Emma Says:

    Fab tree pic !

  7. Mary, Mary Says:

    Holy Batsh*t! that tree looks too perfect–must upgrade from kiddie craft projects asap. Your sister sounds like my kind of gal and ‘haunted hill country’ captures it best. Shall we all put away those unfinished xmas gifts until next year or just keep working away?

  8. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Okay, the tree picture is wicked cool and is now on my desktop. It replaced a picture of a crow and I LOOOOOVE crows, if that tells you anything. I’ll holler at you more later, but now there must be more coffee and a shower. How’s the beard coming along?

  9. Wendy Says:

    Jim REALLY likes that photo.

    I really like your Mom. She rocks!